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Why us?

This is our most popular treatment and includes a combination of the services listed below depending on your dog(s). Hair clipping or hand scissor to a style of your choice or in line with the standard for their breed. We then carry out a full shampoo using specialist mild dog shampoos. We pay particular attention to sensitive areas such as the ears, pads, feet and groin. We then thoroughly rinse a couple of times and dry with a high quality quiet dryer. A final trim and he or she is ready to go.


When clipping, this involves taking the coat back to approx 1 cm in length or length that has been agreed in consultation with yourself. This encourages a new healthier coat to grow and is great for those owners who would like to have an easily maintainable coat, with strong shape & body definition for their active pet(s).

Hand Scissoring

Traditional scissoring skills are used for the more intricate stylised finishes whether for your specific pets requirement or for breed standard, allowing us to add balance grace and style to your dog(s.


Minor matt removal is part of our regular grooming service, However some breeds are more susceptible to serious matting, which is painful for the dog. We only groom humanely, so in severe cases the only solution (with your approval of course) is for the dog to be clipped on those matted areas or shaved off to start again. If left unattended matting can cause skin irritation and discomfort possibly leading to skin infection.

Ear care

This involves the gentle cleaning and trimming of the ears to help keep the ears dry and prevents a build -up of dirt. Dogs with excessive hair, folded ears or heavy drooping ears, really benefit from ear care, as the fold in the ear can create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Trimming off heavy hair on the ears, achieves a lighter ear with less chance of future matting and improves circulation

Nail & Paws

It is important to maintain fit & healthy paw care. We trim your dog(s) nails and carefully clip the fur between toes and pads this minimises future matts and stops debris collecting between the toes. Because if left unattended, these areas, can cause great discomfort to your dog(s)competition.